Collection: Langenburg Fabulous 3

Our Langenburg Fabulous 3 consists of 4 and 8 oz. Langenburg Oxygen Facial Sprays as well as the Langenburg Oxygen Cobalt:

Langenburg Oxygen Facial Spray by Princess Karen zu Hohenlohe Langenburg - Pure Oxygen, From Pure water, for Pure Skin. 

Langenburg Oxygen Facial Spray is clinically developed as a powerful all-in-one toner, refresher and purifier. It features high levels of natural, stable oxygen; minerals; and is pH balanced. Langenburg Oxygen Facial Spray assists in hydrating the skin, preventing blemishes and regenerating the skin. Thirty-five years of research has created something unmistakably unique; truly innovative, unlike any in the world!

Langenburg Oxygen Cobalt delivers more oxygen to the cell than Langenburg Oxygen Water! This water comes in a beautifully custom-made, pure cobalt mineral glass bottle. Seemingly weightless, delicate and refined, some say drinking this water feels more like taking a deep breath!