Eugene Magazine Interview

By Negina Pirzad from Eugene Magazine Winter 2014

Langenburg Oxygen Water

WHO: “It began with me looking at the water in Germany, which is full of bacteria and chemicals. I paid more and more attention to it, and then, the water became my passion,” says inventor of Langenburg Oxygen Water Max Langenburg. After 35 years of research in both Germany and the U.S., Max created restructured water that he initially only made available to his wife and business partner Princess Karen zu Hohelohe-Langenburg to experience. Karen reported a substantial list of health benefits she gained from the Oxygen Water and knew they had to launch the product for the public to try. “It helped with my seasonal allergies, occasional depression caused by long, dark, wet winters here in Eugene, and it physically helped loosen my muscles after doing yoga, and created flexibility in my entire body,” Karen says.

THE BIZ BUZZ: The Langenburgs see their Oxygen Water as a solution for health and ecological restoration. The advanced water technologies used take the water back to its original, natural state, and is then enriched with “perfect” amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and well, oxygen, which Max describes as “the purest water that exists.” The water, which is re-structured locally, is packaged in newly designed, biodegradable bottles that feature the company’s profound logo of the Langenburg family crest, merged with the Aquarius, or water bearer, sign.

IN THEIR WORDS: “Eugene is a good community for our goal of preserving individual health and benefiting the environment at the same time. The people here are very enlightened and aware of the condition of the planet, and they don’t want any more destruction happening to this beautiful place that we’re allowed to be living in,” Karen says. “Along with Oregonians, our water is for everyone; everyone deserves the amazing things that oxygen does for the body.”