What Is Langenburg Oxygen Water?

Langenburg Oxygen Water is water that has been processed using the Langenburg Water Technologies™ developed by Langenburg Research with more than 35 years of research. It originally was provided to medical groups in Germany as medical grade water. It proved so valuable that it is now being provided worldwide for the general public.

The Langenburg Water Technologies™ are an integrated suite of ultra-high technology water purification, natural mineralization and restoration systems that can purify water to high standards of quality, including the following characteristics:

1.  Balancing the pH of the water.

2.  Capability of reducing all contaminants & pollutants to essentially zero levels, including:

  1.  Microbiological contaminants:
    • Parasites
    • Protozoa – cryptosporidium, etc.
    • Bacteria – salmonella, etc.
    • Funguses
    • Spores
    • Molds – mycoplasma, etc.
    • Viruses
         B.  Harmful elemental and mineral contaminants (naturally and unnaturally occurring):
      • Lead
      • Arsenic
      • Cadmium
      • Chromium 6
      • And over 650 other identified substances
          C.  All hydrocarbon contaminants.
          D.  Pesticide, herbicides and fungicides.
          E.  Industrial pollutants, solvents, dyes, petrochemicals, etc; any organic materials.
          F.  Chlorine and fluorine from municipal water treatment.
          G.  Undesirable dissolved gases and volatile substances.

    3.  Removal of all undesirable pollutant isotopes and isomers of water itself to water isotope natural abundance levels.

    4.  Removal of undesirable metal contaminants.

    5.  Simplifying, relaxing of water's electromagnetic qualities.

    6.  Water microcluster size minimization towards monomolecular levels; minimizes intermolecular water interactions.

    7.  All oxygen molecule types and source levels optimized:
    1. Monoatomic Oxygen
    2. Diatomic Oxygen (O2)
    3. O4
    4. O5
    5. O6
    6. O7
    7. Seven-sided Crystal Oxygen – the crown jewel of the Langenburg Water TechnologiesTM (Advanced Langenburg Research Program).
    8. Zeta potential optimization.
    9. Restoration and stabilization of natural liquid and crystalline properties of water.
    10. The balancing of minerals.
    11. Living properties; the incorporation of resonance energies conducive to healthy life.
    How Is Langenburg Oxygen Water Produced?

    Any water, including the most polluted, can be used as raw material for the manufacture of Langenburg Water and the Langenburg Water purification process will still produce water to the same level of ultra-high standards. However, Langenburg Water Company chooses to use only very high quality natural aquifer, artesian or spring waters from Oregon (not municipal water), as the raw material for the production of Langenburg Oxygen Water. In recent years, Oregon was determined to have the best water quality in the continental US.

    Materials Employed in the Processing Equipment:
    Only the highest surgical grade stainless steel and medical-grade plastics and other materials are used in all equipment with which the water contacts. State-of-the-art processing systems from Germany are employed. 

    Basic Purification Procedure:
    Water is piped directly from the natural water source into the processing site, which is situated near the source, and then into a large specially constructed surgical grade stainless steel storage tank where it is sampled for thorough qualitative and quantitative testing and analysis in preparation for the purification processing.
    The water is piped from the storage tank through the purification equipment, which is monitored and regulated by state-of-the-art computerized electronic systems. The water is then processed. Once monitoring equipment registers that the standards have been attained for each parameter, it is pumped into specially constructed surgical grade stainless steel storage containers.

    The water is purified with a minimum of the following parameters to the above standard of purity:
          Zero organic and inorganic contaminants (biological, mineral, hydrocarbon, gases,      industrial, Cl, F, etc.) by assay.
    The finished Langenburg Oxygen Water is then stored in a large specially constructed surgical grade stainless steel storage tank where it can remain indefinitely without any loss of its qualities.

    Computerized bottling and labeling equipment dispenses the finished Langenburg Oxygen Water into specially produced stainless steel tanks, specific type glass containers or bottles made of BPA free PET plastic (PET is the current best liquid drink grade plastic; considered the industry standard for minimal transfer or leeching of substances between the plastic packaging and the food and establishing that any substances that may be transferred from the plastic to the food do not pose a risk to human health).

    What Are The Basic Qualities of Langenburg Oxygen Water?
    1. Zero pollutants by assay.
    2. Essential mineral content optimally balanced (standards vary with the application).
    3. Optimum minimized water cluster size (for maximum hydration rate and extent) to monomolecular sizes.
    4. Content of monatomic "platinum group" elements.
    5. Langenburg Oxygen Water has mineral components to stabilize all oxygen components so they will not be lost when the cap is removed from the bottle.
    6. Optimum pH of approximately 7.7.
    7. Self-sterilizing (due to high oxygen content).
    8. Can be storable indefinitely in glass, stainless steel and carbon micro fiber jars; the only limitation is the life of the container (i.e., PET plastic bottles storage life).
    9. Light stable.
    10. Heat stable.
    The Benefits of Langenburg Oxygen Water:
    Following is a discussion of the superb properties of Langenburg Oxygen Water:

    Monomolecular “Clusters”:
    The purity of all components of Langenburg Oxygen Water, aside from the minerals and oxygen, is measured by assay. The optimum cluster size is monomolecular "clusters". These will naturally have the highest water hydration potential and consequently penetrate, dissolve, diffuse, react, etc. (See, for example, 2003 Nobel Prize research on aquaporin water transfer mechanisms [1].) Accelerating these processes assists metabolic rate and physiological response time in hydration, assimilation, and circulation (vis-à-vis dissolving impedimenta to circulatory flow) to their highest levels and extends both inside and outside cells, tissues, muscle, brain, heart, etc.

    Polarization of both the diamagnetic and dipolar properties of water affects its aggregate field strength and hence its ability to retain resonance information within the water itself. This may be one of water's "memory" capabilities.

    Today's world is fraught with ELF, radio frequency transmissions, high-tension power lines, microwaves, pollution, etc., which stress bodily atomic and molecular polarization and crystal lattice alignments that can profoundly affect central nervous system and intercellular communications. The body itself is not unlike a crystal radio set "tuned" for internal communication. Disruption of the crystal alignment of the crystal in the set will destroy its ability to send and receive information clearly.

    Langenburg Water Purification Systems can restore the hyper-excited water bonds to their optimum relaxed state.

    Zeta Potential:
    This property, chiefly known as the repulsive force of the retained electrostatic charges of minute colloidal particulates and dissolved minerals which causes them to remain in suspension, is also significantly involved in living organisms. Living organisms impart zeta potential to atoms, molecules, colloids and other absorbed substances as well as substances manufactured by the organism (i.e., proteins, antibodies, protoplasm, etc.). This accounts for a great degree of separation, or interposition of space (on a microscopic level), of atoms, molecules, particles and structures in living organisms which allows these to more ably circulate with greatly reduced friction throughout the organism. Think of a frictionless surface created by a magnet floating on another magnet's repulsive surface as how this is accomplished.

    Zeta potential is also a prime force in the disaggregating and digestion of foodstuffs absorbed through the alimentary canal into the blood stream and the prevention of red blood cell aggregation, which can measurably reduce blood pressure. This may also play an important factor in the mysterious "protoplasmic streaming" in which the protoplasm inside the cells continually streams very energetically round the cell nucleus like an electric generator.

    Organism zeta potential is retained by certain kinds of fats, proteins, glycans, and glycoproteins on the surface of larger structures (organelles, cell walls, tissues, membranes, etc.). The Langenburg Water Purification Systems impart zeta potential to water molecules allowing them to remain more monomolecular, in a less clumped condition contributing to the overall energy of the system without detracting from it.

    The conducting properties of the single atoms of, for example, silver, which tends to go to monoatomic state if its colloidal particulate size is 4 atoms or less (as in the case of very high quality colloidal silver), can be valuable for the body and accelerating neurological transmissions and central nervous system facilitation.

    It is recommended to reference the work of Dr. Robert O. Becker. Though his book does not directly address monoatomics, it may be discovered that monoatomic platinum group elements in the high-spin state are the operative principles of his experimentation in the regeneration of amputated limbs or bone loss due to injury, infection or surgery. His work pointed to fields and electrical currents that surrounds and co-penetrates the body, which appear to hold the programming for cell regeneration. In the laboratory, he was able to double the nerves going to the amputated limb of a frog. The limb commenced regeneration even though this ability had never been observed on frogs before. Silver played a key role in the process; a clear relationship manifested itself. The enhancing of the neural ability was the key; increasing the ability to contact and conduct information from this subtle energy field as if the neurons had become an enhanced super-conducting antenna downloading the resonant auric information.

    The auric field (or the field around all living things) is considered to be light beyond the visible wave band and many ancient texts support this contention (i.e., the Vedas, et al.). Until recently, there has been no scientific methods for verifying the existence of these fields, auras and etheric bodies, but with the advent of Kirlian photography, special filters and video which allow us to see into the near ultra-violet and the far infra red areas of the electromagnetic spectra (and advances in quantum physics and spectroscopy), detection and quantification of these subtle energies associated with living organisms is increasingly a reality.

    The monoatomic platinum group elements in Langenburg Oxygen Water have been demonstrated on many occasions to accelerate brain response and brain function in the mounting of an effective immune response in the body. Fast hydration rates and full extent fully revives the physiology and immune strength of the body. 

    Ultra Purity, Detoxification and Absorption:
    The ultra high purity and small molecular size of Langenburg mineral balanced water is a very effective aide to detoxification. It creates a powerful osmotic pressure which can draw toxins from the recesses of the fat stores without depleting essential mineral and nutrient reserves as distilled or reverse-osmosis (RO) water and other "purified", but unbalanced, waters do. The full hydrating and life-sustaining properties of Langenburg Oxygen Water can be observed to be preferentially absorbed by tissues and cells, making it an ideal nutrient "transport medium" or "delivery system" in addition to allowing for greater and accelerated dilution and elimination of toxins.

    The Seven-Sided Crystal Oxygen Molecule:
    The crown jewel of the suite of Langenburg Water Purification Processes enhances the transduction of ultra-high bio-field energies into the body, which can significantly affect the regenerative capabilities of the body.

    The superb biosolvent potential of Langenburg Oxygen Water is accomplished by a confluence of several physical factors: diamagnetic alignment, dipolar alignment, monomolecular "cluster" size, zeta potential and purity. Monomolecular "cluster" size contributes to solubility by allowing for greater penetration on a physical level. Zeta potential enhancement assists in the solvent power of water by exerting repulsive forces against the molecules that are attached to the hydrogen "bonds" formed and the adhesive and cohesive forces. This contributes directly to relaxing the water (i.e., minimizing intermolecular forces such as hydrogen bonding and thus decreasing water’s natural clustering properties). Facile dipole alignment of the water molecules creates a multiplication of water's force against sedimentation, congealing, plaque buildup, and the general solvating ability of the blood. Water's incompressibility coupled with its natural high surface and hydrogen bonds (responsible for its very adhesive properties) conspire to make water a veritable molecular "crowbar" capable of ripping apart large inert particulates into single molecules (as seen in plants such as lichens "digesting" solids thereby solubilizing them for removal in the blood). This facility is greatly magnified by the above-mentioned properties of Langenburg Oxygen Water.

    Solubility & Detoxification:
    In order for anything to be biochemically active, it must be soluble in water. Water is the definitive environment for all biochemical activity, the definitive environment for all life. The solvent properties of water contribute to the solubility of nutrients as well as toxic accumulations and waste products, and thus facilitate the body's basic requirements to get nutrients into the cells and metabolic waste products and toxins out of the cells. The degree of "wetness" of water figures significantly in this process. For examples of water’s hydration effects and the health as related to these confluence of physical properties, see the widely publicized book written by F. Batmanghelidj, MD, titled "Your Bodies Many Cries For Water"[2].

    Oxygen Additions:
    The body is 65% oxygen by weight. Oxygen is the most power prevalent, systemic natural anti-pathogen. Oxidation is the primary mechanism by which our immune system fights and rids our bodies of pathogens, contagions, toxins, wastes and byproducts. Further, almost all pathogens are anaerobic and cannot survive well in an oxygen rich environment. Yet, all higher multi-cellular organisms (i.e., all mammals, avians, etc.) are aerobic and survive and thrive only in the oxygen rich environments.

    For example, Otto Warburg, one of history's three double Nobel Laureates and the first person to be able to create cancer in a test tube so that it could be studied, said that cancer is simple to create. "It's an anaerobic organism"; one must create an anaerobic medium for cancer to exist. The key to making an anaerobic medium, he explained, is to acidify the medium. The degree oxygen can be held in solution correlates directly to the degree that the medium is acid. Acidosis itself is a common and adverse health condition and is related to this. Therefore, one of the major keys to maintaining proper health and vitality is maintaining proper pH of fluid intact to approximately 7.7.

    Langenburg Oxygen Water not only has an optimum pH of approximately 7.7, but also the family of oxygen. In addition to diatomic oxygen (which we must breathe), other salutary forms of oxygen (O2, O4, O5, O6 and O7) are present. Bound monoatomic oxygen is not a burner the way O2 is. This oxygen ("nascent" or “reserve” oxygen), has the power to "quench" many superoxide radicals that can cause cell wall and tissue damage or death. For example, carbon monoxide is a superoxide radical and can form a permanent bond with the hemoglobin in the blood, thus reducing the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. With the addition of bound oxygen, carbon monoxide becomes carbon dioxide and the body can very easily remove it from the blood stream via the lungs.

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