Water is essential to life, health and vitality.  It is the medium behind every process in the body.  It carries nutrients to the cells, helps regulate respiration, digestion, glandular activities, heat dissipation, blood circulation and waste elimination, to name a few.

Ultimately, water is the difference between a balanced, alert and vital individual and one who experiences sickness, mental fog and depression.  However, not all waters are created equal.


Currently there are no products comparable to ours in terms of quality, taste or purity.  Although there are many types of water in the marketplace, i.e., spring, mineral, purified, distilled, oxygenated, vitamin-enriched and structured waters, these products incorporate only one of several properties (oxygen, microclustering, etc.) we feel are necessary components of our water.


About Langenburg, Oxygen and Water


Our consistent experience is that many people who try Langenburg Oxygen Water, often just once, have an immediate response to it. Many people report astounding health benefits.

The basic concern of the human body on a cellular level is to get nutrition in and wastes out. If we become dehydrated or our body becomes an anaerobic (oxygen deficient) environment, a number of undesirable yet preventable events can take place.

Waste products and toxins can no longer be easily flushed out by the body. Without sufficient water, metabolic processes and nutrient transport are extensively hindered. Tissue dehydration begins to perpetuate the first signs of premature aging. The immune system stops working properly because communication between the body’s 100 trillion cells and 100 billion brain neurons becomes atrophied or suffocated by insufficient oxygen and gradually increasing toxic accumulations.

Our bodies are equipped with an intelligent immune system capable of recognizing and preventing foreign bodies from entering a cell membrane if oxygen is well supplied.  Along with helping to maintain a healthy immune system, Langenburg Oxygen Water helps detoxify and eliminate harmful substances and restore good communication between our cells. Healthy levels of oxygen also enable our bodies to burn fat instead of glucose, thus preventing the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

The right pH balance is also an integral preparation to many aspects of our health - it allows the body to be in its most prime state to absorb available oxygen, vitamins, minerals and hydration from food and drink. A body with enough oxygen and a healthy pH balance is an unsuitable environment for anaerobic pathogens to flourish.

Our Process:

Through approximately 35 years of tireless research and testing we have developed a system capable of returning even polluted water to its most healthful state. Our exclusive trade-secret, proprietary water purification and restoration technology sets us apart significantly from all other bottled or oxygenated waters.

How We Do It:

We begin with water from our natural, protected Oregon water source and sample it for quantitative analysis in preparation for purification and processing.

All harmful toxic elements are removed.

The water is balanced to ensure an optimum pH of approximately 7.7.

We structure the water so that its liquid crystalline and energetic properties are restored.

We then restore optimum oxygen levels (in biochemically superior forms) naturally, and by a process which keeps the oxygen’s bio-availability and health benefits stable upon opening the bottle. The oxygen does not escape from the bottle as a gas form of oxygen would almost immediately, and as it does in other oxygenated waters. Our oxygenation process also renders those same benefits intact regardless of temperature or light conditions.

Langenburg Oxygen Water aids significantly in these processes:

  • Oxygenation of cells
  • Hydration of cells and tissues
  • Transportation of nutrients throughout the body
  • Detoxification and elimination of wastes
  • Immune system activation and support
  • Slowing the aging process
  • Weight loss by promoting fat burning