Langenburg Offers Three Types of Water:

     Langenburg Oxygen Water contains very high levels of stable oxygen and a naturally occurring spectrum of balanced minerals which are structured with small microclusters for easy assimilation into your cells' membranes offering the most efficient hydration and oxygen delivery.

       Langenburg Cobalt Oxygen Water delivers more oxygen to the cell than Langenburg Oxygen Water! This water comes in a beautifully custom-made, pure cobalt mineral glass bottle.  Seemingly weightless, delicate and refined, some say drinking this water feels more like taking a deep breath!


      Langenburg Oxygen Facial Spray by Princess Karen zu Hohenlohe Langenburg 

Pure Oxygen, From Pure water, for Pure Skin. 

Langenburg Oxygen Facial Spray is clinically developed as a powerful all-in-one toner, refresher and purifier. It features high levels of natural, stable oxygen; minerals; and is pH balanced.  Langenburg Oxygen Facial Spray assists in hydrating the skin, preventing blemishes and regenerating the skin.  Spray onto your face and skin as often as you'd like and use frequently for best results.