LW's First Weekly Retail Store Spotlight!

LW's First Weekly Retail Store Spotlight!

Greetings Langenburg Water Drinkers,

We are now selling our Langenburg Oxygen Water Oxo-Biodegradable 750 mL's at the New Seasons Market - Progress Ridge location in Beaverton, Oregon.

Please visit their website for location and more information:


New Seasons Market offers quality products to their customers and we are happy that ours is now included!   Look for us in more of their stores in 2016...

Merry Oxygenated Water Drinking this Holiday Season!!

LW Team

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At this time, we do not have distribution outside of the United States. You are welcome to order direct from us by calling our office @ (541) 687-0130. Our Sales Representative will let you know the most economical options for shipping to your location. Thanks for your interest! ~Langenburg Water Sales Team

Langenburg Water Reply

is it possible to bay your oxygen water somewhere here in scandinavia?

v.a. rasmussen

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