Our Process

Through approximately 35 years of tireless research and testing we have developed a system capable of returning even polluted water to its most healthful state. Our exclusive trade-secret, proprietary water purification and restoration technology sets us apart significantly from all other bottled or oxygenated waters.

How we do it:

We begin with water from our natural, protected Oregon water source and sample it for quantitative analysis in preparation for purification and processing.

All harmful toxic chemical and radioactive pollutants, deuterium, tritium, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens are removed.

The water is balanced to ensure a pH of 7.7.

We structure the water so that its liquid crystalline and energetic properties are restored.

We then restore optimum oxygen levels (in biochemically superior forms) naturally, and by a process which keeps the oxygen’s bio-availability and health benefits stable upon opening the bottle. The oxygen does not escape from the bottle as a gas form of oxygen would almost immediately, and as it does in other oxygenated waters. Our oxygenation process also renders those same benefits intact regardless of temperature or light conditions.