Our Mission

Langenburg Oxygen Water™ is a supremely health-focused organization with an unending dedication to the improvement of global health and wellbeing through research, education and healing. We are proud to be part of the momentum of change.

We see a global lack of appreciation for living processes reflected in the destruction of our biosphere. Air and water pollution, deforestation, nuclear and industrial waste mismanagement, wildlife population endangerment or encroachment, species extinction, damage to oceans and rain forests, etc… Humans have created a kind of war against nature and the results are clearly visible - pandemics, food and nutrition crises, exponentially soaring health care costs, etc. Statistics published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicate that cancer is the #2 cause of death in our country and that Americans have a less than 20% chance of dying of natural causes. It seems that we have made too much of our world unnatural.

Precisely because water is so basic and integral to all living processes, we have sought solutions for health and ecological restoration in advanced water technologies. Langenburg Oxygen Water™ is a response to a deep desire to amend significant damage done to our world by industry. Our effort has been to harness the ability to make water whole again – to return water to its pristine natural state where it can again support life and health, not only in the human body but also in our rivers, fields, oceans and atmosphere.