Langenburg Water™ Customer Feedback

" I got a case of the “red” label of the Langenburg (Aquarius) water and drank every single bottle. Here’s the wild part—my sugar levels went down significantly and balanced themselves out at my last test. I re-tested to be sure and I know that the water contributed to that. My sugar went from 289 to 91. You have an incredible product and I will be ordering more shortly. God bless all of you for the work that you are doing."
— Dr. R.J. , Los Angeles, CA

" Just a quick note to say thank you for dropping off my water today. I absolutely love your product. Born and raised in Paris; I have dedicated my entire life towards health and nutrition. Bottled mineral water plays an enormous part in my life style. This is the best I have ever seen it. I can not wait to get over my surgery and resume living my life with a “full cup”. Please express my most sincere gratitude to the owner of the company for his wonderful product. I will pass the good word to all my friends."
— C.L., Eugene, OR

"My personal experience has been that I felt a positive, uplifting energy from the water and better endurance in sports activity. I also saw an apparent reduction in abdominal fat…"
— J.K. , D.C. LLC

"Last weekend at the New Living Expo, you gave me 2 bottles of the Langenburg (Aquarius) Oxygen Water. I tried them during the spinning class on 2 different days. I noticed it has increased my endurance and recovery rate. It is amazing!"
— J.C.

" I drove 2,700 miles on a road trip while drinking Langenburg (Aquarius) Water and experienced no fatigue, whereas previously I had chronic fatigue! "
— M.L., Saskatchewan, CAN

" In looking into the Best Water for my family, I was rewarded by finding the finest, most natural water available ANYWHERE ON EARTH in Langenburg Oxygen Water. While others have YOU add POWDER or CRYSTALS, the convenience and Superior Quality of this product, puts it far above all others. I am 53 years old and have been told I look like I'm in my mid thirties! Thanks Langenburg!"
— Mark S., Albuquerque,NM

"I've been drinking Langenburg Oxygen Water for 1 month and love it! There's not the heaviness like other waters. I like that it's absorbed quickly and easily...there's a lightness to the feeling and taste. "
— K.B.

" My first experience with "Aquarius Red" water was "WOW" this is really smooth and energizing. I immediately felt a shift up in energy. You can feel the cellular hydration and after a week of drinking 4 750ml bottles a day my skin and nails were smoother and my mind was calmer and more focused. I attended a 2 day Doctors conference and they supplied cases of "Langenburg Red" which I learned was the same as "Aquarius Red". After taking the 2 day seminar and learning that 85% of our brain is water, I decided that Langenburg Water was my choice for personal daily use and will be offered as part of the Wellness Resources menu of products to our clients. Thank You for your truly Life Giving Water."
— F.M., Fountain Valley, CA

"\"Water has always made me feel heavy. Playing sports was not easy. Untill I saw Jose \"El Toro\" Rico a cage fighter promoting water. Decided to try it and now my stamina lasts longer than It ever did. Thanks alot Jose :)\""
— Erica, lancaster,ca

" We order 5 gallons of Red water for the staff. My picky assistant now says it is the only water she will drink. I have done eye chart examinations, before and after consuming the water. In every case, vision improves after drinking just 8 oz of the water. My theory as too why such dramatic changes in vision occurs is as follows. Nerves need fuel and activation. They are activated by evoked environmental stimuli (light, sound, pressure, touch, smell). Nerve fuel is glucose and oxygen. By increasing the bio-availability of the oxygen available to the tissues, the frequency of firing of the nervous system increases (a room with a low light level has a low frequency of firing of the light being emitted, a brightly lite room has a high frequency of firing of the light source). The nerves fire faster, including those in the occipital lobe of the brain, and all along the opto-kinetic chain. With the computer working better, the brain does a better job interpreting the available light sensory signals, and we then see better after drinking the Langenbury Oxygen water. Don't believe me. Try the experiment for yourself. Alan S. D.C. Eugene, Oregon"
— Dr. Alan S., Eugene Auto Injury Chiropractic Clinic

" I was introduced to Langenburg Blue in September and have noticed an overall improvement in my body. Over this past weekend I truly taxed my system with a lot of work and woke up with a terribly sore throat - barely able to swallow. I routinely get sore throats with tonsil inflammation just like this episode and they tend to last for days. I decided to try the water...being diligent about sipping the water throughout the morning - just small sips - and to my amazement by lunch I had completely forgotten about my sore throat because the inflammation and pain had completely gone away! Thank you for providing such a wonderful product!!"
— Sabrina S., Everett, WA

" I want to thank you for an excellent product! I noticed the difference from the first sip. Absolutely no flavor or aftertaste, felt smoother on my tongue. And to see if there really was a difference, I took a drink out of another bottled water after drinking Langenburg (Aquarius) Water.. I couldn't believe how much metallic taste there was in a bottle that I had previously thought was tasteless! I will order another case and hope it comes to a store near me SOON!"
— Jen T., Shelton, WA

"03/06/13 I have three testimonials to give: 1) Since I started drinking the Langenburg Oxygen Water, I started noticing more energy after a couple weeks of drinking it. My recovery after working out was a lot shorter. I had better workouts. I felt much more healthier. I was a skeptic in the beginning. Now, I'm 100% sold on it! This is all we drink, myself and my family, 100% Langenburg Oxygen Water! 2) 3 weeks ago, I had surgery on my left shoulder and they put in 24 stitches. I kept it moist with the Langenburg Oxygen Facial Spray and also drank Langenburg Oxygen Water. I had to take the stitches out a week early because I was healing so quickly. The doctor was surprised. He didn't expect that quick of a recovery. 3) I have very dry skin on my face and for years, I would use lotion or cream and I thought (after the surgery), I'll put it on my face after showering. After a week, I didn't use anymore lotion because my skin didn't need it. That shocked me because I had to use lotion for years! I got my wife to start using it last week and it's still early for her, but she thinks it's helping. "
— James N., Eugene, OR

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