Welcome To Langenburg Oxygen Water

Our goal is simple:

To restore the Earth’s water to its most pristine natural state and return its original abilities to sustain healthy life. 35 years of research and development have accomplished just that. Truly innovative water processing unlike any in the world. The result is something unmistakably unique; it’s not just water, it is science in harmony with nature.

What Makes Langenburg Different

This is a highly structured and oxygenated water.

We incorporate totally unique processes of purification and structuring to reach purity standards far beyond that of other bottled waters, and to achieve superior detoxification, hydration, and oxygenation throughout the entire body. Along with extremely high, naturally occurring dissolved oxygen content, Langenburg Oxygen Water™ is perfectly pH and mineral balanced.

  • High Levels of Stable Oxygen
  • Microclustered for Hydration
  • pH Balanced
  • Mono-Atomic Mineral Balanced
  • Highly Advanced Purification
  • Structurally Restored


About Langenburg, Oxygen, and Water

Our consistent experience is that many people who try Langenburg Oxygen Water™, often just once, have an immediate response to it. Many people claim astounding health benefits.

The basic concern of the human body on a cellular level is to get nutrition in and wastes out. If we become dehydrated or our body becomes an anaerobic (oxygen deficient) environment, a number of undesirable yet preventable events can take place.

Waste products and toxins can no longer be easily flushed out by the body. Without sufficient water, metabolic processes and nutrient transport are extensively hindered. Tissue dehydration begins to perpetuate the first signs of pre-mature aging. The immune system stops working properly because communication between the body’s 100 trillion cells and 100 billion brain neurons becomes atrophied or suffocated by insufficient oxygen and gradually increasing toxic accumulations.

Our bodies are equipped with an intelligent immune system capable of recognizing and preventing foreign bodies from entering a cell membrane if oxygen is well supplied.

Along with helping to maintain a healthy immune system, Langenburg Oxygen Water™ helps detoxify and eliminate harmful substances and restore good communication between our cells. Healthy levels of oxygen also enable our bodies to burn fat instead of glucose, thus preventing the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

The right pH balance is also an integral preparation to many aspects of your health - it allows the body to be in its most prime state to absorb available oxygen, vitamins, minerals and hydration from food and drink. A body with enough oxygen and a healthy pH balance is an unsuitable environment for anaerobic pathogens or cancer to flourish.